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Flowers from Nana, Pawpaw, & the girls for my birthday (Taken with instagram)

Flowers from Nana, Pawpaw, & the girls for my birthday (Taken with instagram)

My mini!  Isn’t she the cutest!?!

My mini!  Isn’t she the cutest!?!

Procrastination and a Pissy Man

The past few days have been somewhat boring. 

Since leaving work on Monday I haven’t done anything useful.  I have attempted to but never completed a difficult task, my procrastination surfacing.  There is so much that I want to do, but I keep putting it off. 

My head is swirling with so many ideas for writing, reading, painting, and even the planning of the house that I will be building one day. 

Tomorrow is what I keep saying, tomorrow.  Well today is tomorrow, and my husband is pissy because of laundry, and I’m sure of some other ungodly reason.

He doesn’t want to be touched, he has a ‘headache’.  I pulled the line that he use to use on me, “I hear an orgasm is good for headaches”.  He smile, and replied, “Yeah, well, we know that’s no true.  Leave me alone.”

So here I am listing to my music and letting my mind wonder. 

Laundry……….tomorrow……I promise!  Procrastination……I will get better, maybe.  Pissy man……..humph……needs an attitude adjustment….I guess that will be tomorrow too. 

The Magnificent Short List

I’m sure some of you are wondering what a short list is…………..well it is a list my husband and I have agreed upon.  It involves another ‘partner’ with no consequences, of course how ever they are high profile people and and will never happen.  At least I don’t think so.  Each list consist of three people we would like to um….ya know.  Anyways, my list consist of the following…………

  • Robert Pattinson     
  • Ashton Kutcher
  • Channing Tatum 

Hello Weekend…

Unlike most people in this crazy world I return to work tomorrow, that’s right, I work weekends.  No knocking it, someone has to take care of the sick, and well, I get paid an extra premium for working weekends.  For a while I looked forward to returning to work on Saturdays because it was easier than my life at home, but now it is reversed.  Work is crazy and chaotic.  We are always over ratio, understaffed, and too busy to actually give our patients our undivided attention.  I fall in love with them, I refer to them as my ‘babies’.  I usually have older patients suffering from a wide range of conditions, but primarly heart related.  I’m a cardiac nurse, ACLS certified.  Hehehe, I can do all kinds of stuff with that……….

On a different note, Alabama plays South Caroline tomorrow and from what I understand it is going to be a tough game.  But if Alabama shows up like they did against the Gators, it will be all gravy.  I’m Southern, therefore, we eat, breathe, sleep college football - especially Alabama football. 

The drama in my life has been to a minimum this week, I guess that’s partly to do with the fact that one parental unit is out of state and not much the other can do about it.  I don’t really care if they are together or not, I just wish they would decided one way or another.  I feel like they are using each other, and I get pulled into the middle. 

Finally, I have to give a plug to my friends litle story, “Three Little Words…” by Carys Sofer.  I like it, and I hope you have had time to read it.  Remember to start from the bottom and work your way back up.

Good Night, Sweet Dreams, Roll Tide Roll!

Unreserved Me

A Good Day!

 So today has been a good day!  Worked hard at saving lives, fell in love with some patients, as I always do.  Come home to Alabama football, pizza and my family.

The girls were so sweet and met me at the window with smiles and excited screams of “Mommy your home!”  I was able to spend some time with them, but the best part is that they are growing.  They told us when it was bedtime.  Charlsie said, “I want my cup,” and took off toward her room. 

I love them so incredibly much, and though I may complain, I am thankful for the beautiful gifts God has blessed me with.  I just pray that he gives me the patience to make it through their teenage years! 

Alabama is currently kicking the Gators’ tell, and I am proud of our boys. 

"Little things make the difference.  Everyone is well prepared in the big things, but only the winners perfect the little things." - Paul ‘Bear’ Bryant

I am ready to……

1.  Find the mute button to my whiny two year old.  I know now why it is called the ‘terrible twos’.  The kid never hushes and furthermore she yells, screams, and argues with me about everything.  Today has been horrible with her.  She tore of the wooden blinds in their room, luckily super-mom was in to fix them.  She has been abusive to her sister.  And how do does one punish one child for hitting another? If I spank her she is going to think its okay, if I get on to her and use my stern voice she laughs, and if I send her to her room, well never mind about that one….it always in disaster.

2.  Choke my husband, beacause apparently he is the better parent when it comes to everything!  Yes the girls mind him better, but I think they are scared of him, just a theory.  However, when one of them is sick or hurt, who does he turn to?  Mommy, the nurse.  I hate that he thinks everything that comes out of his mouth is correct, even if I am waving concrete proof it is wrong in front of his face.

3.  Pull my hair from all the stress.  I am soon to be 27 and in he past year I have experienced more stress than in my entire life.  I wish I could, in real life, tell people what I really think.  Ya know, no filter?  Instead I am the endearing Southern Belle that I was raised to be.  I listen and tell people what they want to hear, even if I don’t agree.

4.  Go on vacation!  Yes, I’m skipping the traditional Thanksgiving and hitting the beaches of South Florida.  I’m visiting the hubs family, I hope we survive the trip, being that I could choke him at the moment.

5.  Read some of my friends story.  You should check it out……it is pretty good and naughty.  I like it, but I like lots of stuff!  www.caryssofer.tumblr.com

Catch ya on the flip side!

Three Little Words.....: Preface....


I am somewhere I never thought I would be – the hottest, most exclusive club in Las Vegas.

Before tonight, I had never been out of the southeast, and everyone of my senses are being overwhelmed.

In my right hand, I hold a Margarita, it is the best damn one I have ever tasted. My left hand is…


The past week has been boring!  I have spent my days with my girls, oh whom have decided it is okay not to mind Mommy.  My nerves have been pushed to the limit.  My parents have added their drama in the mix.  My husband has been pissy, but hey whats new.  I want to work on my story but I have no motivation at present.  I have motivation for further chapters but not the one I am currently faced with.  It is going to take my entire life to write this book.  Not that I am expecting anything from it, but never the less……it is my creative outlet.  Maybe I should post it on here….not that anyone would read it….but I could always post it under a different name.  I have a pen name, what good author doesn’t.  hehehe